Rolex Daytona replica watches uses the original material 904 steel for the first time

Advantages: Upgrades are obvious.

1: The biggest highlight is the thickness. The old version of the previous JF factory is at least 1.5 mm thicker than this. Don't underestimate this data, the texture on your hand will be different.

2: 904L steel hardness is relatively hard, but the overall difference with 316L is not big, the density is higher replica horloges, the weight will definitely increase, especially in the strap.

3: There is also the transparency of the mirror. The sapphire mirror will be much clearer and there is no blushing reflection.

4: The three locks of the buckle are designed on the texture. I have carefully compared the genuine ones. The proximity is over 95%. The small crown has obvious crisp sound.

5: The movement patch is not a fool, the true meaning of the splint is to do and the original unlimited restoration, you can look at the picture carefully, there are gold enamel sets, this is the only replica rolex original 4130 calibre, and the pigeons of the gem The blood color is very textured.

6: The outer ring is polished and engraved to make it even smoother. You can go and see the genuine one.

The Ditongs dial has a diameter of 40mm. The three small discs in the dial are used as the second hand and the chronograph minute hand. The small dial at 3 o'clock is a 30-minute cumulative time dial, the small dial at 9 o'clock is a 12-hour cumulative time dial, and the small dial at 6 o'clock is a small time dial for normal time. After replacing the ETA movement, the function is consistent with the original, even better than the JF version.

On the whole, the classic design, the outer bezel is replaced by a ceramic ring. In addition, the outer ring engraved with a tachometer is a major feature of the replica watches, measuring an average speed of up to 400 mph or kilometers per hour.

Summary: AR factory removes the calendar component of the 7750 movement when the appearance and size are the same, sacrificing the chronograph dial minute hand and hour hand timing function, that is, the timekeeping function of the watch rolex replica can only accumulate one minute, yes Wrong, the own market makes the right judgment, but in terms of appearance, craftsmanship, quality and stability, AR's steel di is an artifact, and the AR factory has consolidated its position as a big manufacturer through this steel di