Summer tough guy replica Breitling Blackbird Reconnaissance Machine

I remember the first time I liked the replica watch. It was Casio in high school rolex replica. There was no other reason. The big dial was tough.

The first time I got the mechanical replica watch in the true sense, it was the big steel fish of Breitling, and there was no other reason. The big dial, the hand, the tough, and the hard work.

Later, I also played some tables, pilots of the nations, replica rolex, Blancpain's new and old Fifty Fathoms, Seiko's canned abalone, Sinn's U1, Ou Kee's Supermaster Hippocampus... I have never played Breitling again.

Until it meets it, the blackbird reconnaissance plane

Size: 44 mm, the atmosphere is extraordinary dial design, light and sturdy case, super clear and readable, and cool black appearance, this Breitling Avengers Blackbird reconnaissance replica watch interprets the Avengers replica watch The characteristics: highlight the power of action. A glamorous lacquered black dial with a titanium case and an anti-reflective all-black look is good for the aerospace.

The surface is treated with high-strength carbonitriding, which gives a strong black matte effect, avoiding the reflection interference during the action, and the visual appearance is more and more prominent after the frosting treatment.

The date window is located at 3 o'clock, with a unidirectional rotating titanium bezel, a screw-in anti-slip crown and a safety relief valve that balances the pressure difference inside and outside the case, making the fake watches waterproof.

Replica Breathing the cool and cool style of the show, once again highlights the pilot's fearless self-spirit. This Avengers replica watch represents the personality and watchmaking philosophy of Breitling, and better interpretation of the king's demeanor.